Grace Anna Sings Pendant
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From Grace's Facebook page:

"Grace has a rare form of dwarfism called Conradi Hunermann syndrome. Doctors tried to get us to abort her at least five different times. It never was an "option" for us. She has overcome many obstacles including being born blind due to cataracts, severe kyphosis and scoliosis of the spine, and other health issues. SHe has many other health issues she deals with daily. We almost lost her in 2012 due to complications after surgery. We travel to other states for her health care as far as Maryland as well as in our home state of Kentucky. With all of that said, she is never in a bad mood. She is always singing and happy. SHe is super smart and loves to entertain. She is a blessing each and every day. God truly gave us a little girl that touches our souls. She is very close to her brother and he adores her. They have a very special bond, its just amazes me. She started singing at 16 months, and absolutely loves to sing, sing, sing. Thank you all for the many messages and words of encouragement. You will never know how the support and prayers from around the world keeps our spirits high. We feel all the love sent our way and we are very, very grateful."

For more information, follow her on Facebook.

$5 from the sale of each pendant (100% of the profits) will be donated to Grace's family for help with medical and other expenses.


Each pendant is individually hand stamped on 3/4" stainless steel disk with pink swarovksi crystal attached


Add a silver chain, a silver keychain, or our C&C Bracelet, for an extra charge if desired.



Special Note: Each jewelry piece is handstamped. We do not use a press or machine to create the text on any of the pieces shown. Please note that the imperfections such as floating or uneven letters and designs are part of the character and charm of the jewelry piece and should not be considered defects.




Caution: to keep your pendant looking its very best, it is recommended you do not wear it in water for prolonged periods


Grace Anna Sings Pendant

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