Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Bracelet
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The mitochondria act as the “powerhouse” of the cell to produce energy for the body to live. Mitochondrial disease is an energy metabolism disorder that affects babies, children, and adults of all ages, races, and gender. Experts agree that at least 1 in 4000 children and adults have mitochondrial disease; however, "Mito" may be under diagnosed until improvements in diagnosis and awareness occur. Symptoms of “Mito” vary in type and severity, and may include profound muscle weakness and fatigue, seizures, gastrointestinal dysfunction, developmental delay, vision and hearing loss, and unexplained organ failure. Today there is no cure for mitochondrial disease; treatment is focused on energy conservation and vitamin therapy. (

A portion of the sale of this bracelet will benefit MitoAction, which helps promote awareness and funds research on mitochondrial disease. 

This bracelet is made with green and white seed beads, silver balls and a sterling silver "HOPE" charm. 

The spiral crochet technique enables enough ‘give’ so that you may roll the bracelet right over your hand onto your wrist. Extremely comfortable, with no clasp to fumble with.

Average length 7.5 inches to roll over your average hand. Smaller and larger sizes available to accommodate diversity in hand size.

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Bracelet

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